Our company was established on 29.03.2000, with the image and create a reliable fiber structure of respected manufacturers in the industry currently serves many different countries representing Turkey.

Microfiber textiles in our country in various sectors (spinning, non-woven, home textile) firms need in our company as well as some pro forma Istanbul, we provide domestic supply depots located in Mersin and Gaziantep.

Microfibre Textile in Istanbul, dynamic and experienced staff, our customers need overseas from Gaziantep office (pro forma) starting from the validation of both domestic orders, production of goods and installation phases, shipping, port operations and domestic transport as all the intermediate processes followed by products consignee address all the negativity that may arise until they are delivered promptly by eliminating technical support is provided. Raw material prices in the international market along with them are given information on raw materials in the most favorable conditions to firms can be monitored live.

Microfiber has become a respected and reliable company in the textile sector, the most important factors that it mediated the sale of his or sell by following the return of the use phase of all products transmit them to the manufacturers and thanks to the return itself is constantly renewing appeals maximizing their customers' needsIt stems from a can.

Microfiber Gıda Tekstil San.ve Tic.Ltd Sti.



Low Melt

Low Melt


Renkli 1.2d – 20d

Ekru 1.2d – 20d


HCS 3d – 15d

HDR 6d – 20d